Pride Awards

The LGBT and Ally Pride Awards Banquet honors people and businesses who have worked on LGBT equality. Community members nominate individuals or businesses who have worked on LGBT equality within the Great Lakes Bay Region. This event is sponsored by local businesses.

Types of Pride Awards

  • Champion of Pride Award(s) – Given to people or organizations that
    have made an exceptional contribution to the LGBT community by:
    Contributing to awareness of LGBT issues, Providing support to LGBT
    organizations, Challenging discrimination based on sexual orientation
    or gender identity, etc.
  • Rising Star Award – Given to an individual who is a newcomer to the
    community or the equality movement and who has demonstrated
    outstanding potential to become a leader and supporter of the LGBT
  • Political Award – Given to an outstanding leader who has worked to
    improve the quality for LGBT people through the political or electoral
  • Business Award – Given to a business that has shown dedication and
    commitment to our local LGBT Community and has demonstrated their work
    to empower the LGBT people within the Saginaw Valley region to achieve
    civil and social equality.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – The highest award given to an individual
    who has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to attain a better life for
    LGBT people and has demonstrated effectiveness at reaching the goal of
    equality, fairness and justice for the entire LGBT community.

2017 Pride Award Winners