Saginaw Valley
LGBT & Allies Pride
Awards Banquet

June 17, 2009

Andersen Enrichment Center


Evening Emcee – Charis Urbano

6 – 7 p.m. Reception

Garden Room & Lucille Andersen Memorial Garden

7 – 8 p.m. Dinner catered by The Savoy Grill in The Hall of Fame Room

8 – 9 p.m.  Welcome – Leo Romo

Pride Program – Charis Urbano

Guest Speaker – Alicia Skillman, Executive Director, Triangle Foundation “For the Love of Equality”

Pride Awards – Charis Urbano, Alan Shinaver, Leo Romo


In celebration of the June 28th, 40th Anniversary of Stonewall

Perceptions Saginaw Valley – mid-Michigan’s leading resource for enriching and empowering Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender individuals and their community.


2009 Pride Recipients

Business Award – Robb Wiersum and The Mixx Nightclub / Metro Grille

Robb Wiersum, Saginaw/Grand Rapids, receives the Business Award for his establishment, The Mixx Nightclub and Metro Grille. Robb has actively sponsored several community activi- ties: Symphony’s Maestro & Martinis, AIDS Walks on both sides of the state, and most LGBT functions.  “It’s not just

about making a living, it’s about making and supporting your community” says Robb. His Diversion Collection of Bars has helped raise and donate over $750,000 for Michigan Charities and organizations. He has been a wonderful addition to our community.


Rising Star Award – Glenn T. Madigan II

Glenn T. Madigan  II, Bay City,  receives the Rising Star Award. As President of Bay City Central High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance, he organized the Ally Week, No Name Calling Week, Day of Silence, and other activities. He has educated Central High and the surrounding community about issues facing the lives of LGBT citizens. Glenn recently received the Perceptions Saginaw Valley Scholar- ship.


Political Award – Garnet Lewis

Garnet Lewis, Freeland, receives the Political Award for too many reasons to list here.  She has extensive experience in higher education and political activism. She helped charter the Saginaw Area Democratic Club, is active in Get-Out-The- Vote, and has volunteered with several community groups. Garnet was the first openly-gay Michigan resident to campaign for state representative.


Volunteer Award – Jim Kleinsorge

Jim Kleinsorge, Bay City,  receives the Volunteer Award for his selfless dedication – going far beyond the call of duty. He is always “there” – setting up Friday Dinners, taking minutes, posting messages, greeting people with his beaming smile, etc. He is on the Perceptions Board, serves as secretary and coordinates several committees. Jim tries to make others feel comfortable. Jim’s a keeper.



Unity Award – Thomas Brubaker

Tom Brubaker, Saginaw, receives the Unity Award because he cooperatively works with a multitude of organizations and individuals for the overall betterment of our community. As the outreach coordinator for the AIDS Care Program at BASIS-Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center, he has raised more than $150,000 for the Michigan AIDS Walk – Bay City, Saginaw and Midland in the past four years. Tom started and facilitates the Perceptions Men’s Discussion Group that meets at the Zauel Library regularly. Tom’s presence and work has affected so many, especially the needy.


Pride Award – Rev. Rebecca M. Dunn

Rev. Rebecca M. Dunn, Saginaw, receives the Pride Award for showing outstanding pride. She founded the first local trans- gender support group, the Perceptions Saginaw Valley Trans- gender Group. She is an ordained New Thought minister, Meta- physical Practitioner and is currently a member of the Board of Trustees for Unity Church of Bay City. She has served on the Board of Trustees for Perceptions Saginaw Valley where she was a part of the creative team behind respect fest, a community celebration of our similarities and differences. Rebecca has been a role model for everybody by just being herself.


Lifetime Achievement Award -Barbara and the late Richard Kormelink

Barbara and the late Richard Kormelink, Wyoming, MI and formerly Bay City,  receive the Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest award given. They were co-founders of the PFLAG Tri-Cities chapter and have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to help LGBT people. They worked non-stop for over 25 years as advocates and their efforts continue to promote equality, fairness and justice for the LGBT community.



Thank You for making the banquet a reality!

Jim Kleinsorge
Rick Farrand
Tom Brubaker
Charissa Urbano
Bob Gilman
Tim Atkinson

Alan Shinaver
The Savoy Grill
Leo Romo
Kay Sural
Pride Banquet Sponsors
Perceptions Board

2009 Pride Banquet Sponsors

Harvey Milk*

BASIS / Sacred Heart Rehabitation Center
Gays, Lesbians and Allies at Dow (GLAD)
William Giorgis & Russell Inman
The Savoy Grill
Vicky Cobb & Garnet Lewis
In Honor of Melvin Matlovitch
The Diversions Collection / The Mixx Nightclub
PFLAG Tri -Cities – Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

Ellen DeGeneres

Jay & Leisa Crane
Gohm Insurance Restorat ion
Darrel l Sheets


Rev. Rebecca M. Dunn
Mary R. Harmon
Randy Hasso
Oppermann’s Cork ‘N’ Ale
Jim Kleinsorge
The Bob & Denise Malosh Family
John Rolando & Don Kephart
Leo R. Romo


In Memory of Ricky L. Carpenter , AIDS educator & activist ,
Bay City, 1951 – 1998
In Memory of Chuck Darr
Rick Far rand
In Memory of John Monaghan – probably first local LGBT
activist , Saginaw, died in 2002
Doug Solosky
In memory of Roger K. Cauffman
Pro-One Home Inspections
*Milk $100 DeGeneres $50
Advocate $25 Pat Ron $10

From Leo R. Romo, Chair

Thank you for attending tonight’s Saginaw Valley LGBT &
Allies Pride Awards banquet, an historic and memorable
Tonight’s banquet has two goals:
• To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall, the June
28, 1969 gay uprising, when LGBT people demanded to be
treated fairly with the same civil rights and responsibilities
as other citizens in this country – nothing more, nothing
• To honor local activist/leaders who have worked to
improve the LGBT and greater communities. You will
meet them, listen to their stories and understand why they
are honored tonight.

From Alan L. Shinaver, Chair

Perceptions Saginaw Valley is proud to be the parent organization
bringing you the first Saginaw Valley LGBT & Allies
Pride Awards Banquet this evening. Established in 2002, Perceptions
has been a powerful agent for change through generous
efforts of volunteerism and community service. As a nonprofit
all-volunteer community organization, Perceptions offers
a wide variety of educational, social and networking opportunities
for all residents of the Tri-Cities and surrounding
areas. It is our vision that you will not only enjoy this evening’s
offerings, but will be engaged, enlightened, and find encouragement
in the efforts of those honored here tonight.
Thank you for your participation and your support in our continuing
endeavor to create a better community for everyone.


About Perceptions Saginaw Valley

Perceptions is a non-profit community organization that offers educational, social and networking opportunities for residents of the Tri-Cities (Midland, Bay City and Saginaw) and surrounding areas. Perceptions strives to foster a positive image for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender community and our allies.

Perceptions 2009 Board of Trustees

Alan Shinaver – Chair Terri Jackson Nathan Brown
Kay Sural – Vice-Chair Gary Knight
Jim Kleinsorge – Secretary Roger Majeske
Bob Gilman – Treasurer Doug Solosky
Tim Atkinson – Webmaster Brian Carstensen
Thomas Brubaker, Tana Michaels, Leo R. Romo