8th Annual Saginaw Valley LGBT & Allies Pride Awards Banquet

A Celebration of the 47th anniversary of Stonewall
Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Andersen Enrichment Center


(Evening Emcee—Dr. Peter Brian Barry)
6 – 7 p.m. Reception – Lucille Andersen Rose Garden
7 – 8 p.m. Dinner – Catered by The Savoy Grill
8 – 9 p.m. Welcome – Chris Lauckner, Perceptions Chair, Leo Romo, Awards Banquet Chair, and Peter Brian Barry
PRIDE Awards – Emcee Dr. Peter Brian Barry
(with Chris Lauckner and Leo Romo)

2016 Pride Award Recipients


RACHEL PRENZLER is an outpatient therapist at M.P.A. Group, a behavioral health treatment facility in Bay City. Prenzler has been involved in the LGBT community since 2007, helped to set up the Perceptions transgender sup-port group and worked with University of Michigan’s comprehensive gender center. The M.P.A. Group works with local transgender people who are transitioning – the process of changing one’s gender presentation permanently to accord one’s internal sense of one’s gender.






MORGAN WHITMAN, a 23-year old Bay City trans-gender man, is an organizer, advocate and a spokesperson for local transgender community. He is the new co-leader of Perceptions’ transgender discussion group, where he leads and determines discussion topics and speakers. He spoke at public meetings regarding Bay City’s nondiscrimination ordinance.







DR. LUCY MERCIER is a professor and depart-ment chair of Social Work and Youth Services at Saginaw Valley State University. Dr. Mercier is also director at SVSU’s Pride Center, which strives to better the lives of individuals who iden-tify as gender/sexual/romantic minorities through education, awareness, advocacy and re-sources. Thru Dr. Mercier, Perceptions partnered with the PRIDE Center at SVSU to hold the first SOGI (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity) LGBT Youth Action Summit in April 2016.





DIGNITY TRI-CITIES was a chapter of Dignity, a national organization of gay and lesbian Catholics, though all were welcome. Dignity Tri-Cities sponsored meetings and activities in Bay City, Saginaw and Mid-land: support and informative sessions, speakers, dances, and social activities. They assisted in the founding of local LGBT and ally groups and in organizing other activities in the community. Michael Brancheau, the first president at Dignity Tri-Cities, accepts the award.



DAVID M. TERRASI is a school and clinical psychologist who advocates for people with disabilities as well as sexual orientation or gender identity. David Terrasi and Victor Pafford were the first gay couple legally married in Bay County in 2015. Terrasi was elected as a Bay City Commissioner in November 2015 and he was instrumental in the passing of the Bay City’s non-discrimination ordinance.






REV. JUDITH BOLI is a priest and pastor at Saginaw’s St. Paul Episcopal Church. In 1987, Rev. Boli and her late husband helped to organize “Citizens United Against Violence” to combat the anti-gay violence against Whisper’s, a short-lived Saginaw gay bar. Her church offers: free meal each Sunday and other food services; counseling; monthly HIV/AIDS education and free HIV testing through Hearth Home and welcomes everybody. Rev. Boli adds, “At St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, the ground is level at the foot of the cross.”


Special Thank You

2016 Pride Banquet Sponsors
Chris Lauckner
Alberto Jimenez
Tim Atkinson
Leo Romo
Joan Brausch
Diedra Knox
Nate Smith
Statie Wawsczyk
The Savoy Grill
Greg Gwaltney
Joel Payne
Greysen Moore
Charin Davenport
Dr. Peter Brian Barry, and YOU!

2016 Pride Banquet Sponsors*

Harvey Milk

Jan Stevenson and Susan Horowitz
Rick Farrand and Bob Enszer
Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center
PFLAG Tri-Cities
In Honor of Dignity Tri-Cities, 1984-1991
Susan & John McColgan
Tom Burkey, M.D.
Joan Brausch
Ellen DeGeneres
Floyd Andrick
Mike Mercer
Big Ugly Fish


Kitty Packard
Leo R. Romo


Tri-Cities for Peace (TCAP)

*Donor Levels: Harvey Milk—$100; Ellen DeGeneres—$50; Advocate—$25;

Pride Award Selection Committee:

Joan Brausch
Doug Solosky
Rebecca Dunn
Leo Romo
Dr. Libby Pionk and Richard Shook.

Note From the Chair

WELCOME to the 8th annual Perceptions LGBT & Allies Pride Awards Banquet. Perceptions offers this event to the LGBT community and supporters, and congratulates the honorees for their outstanding contribution toward making a positive impact on the lives of LGBT individuals, as well as helping to educate others on the need to change discriminatory laws and practices in Michigan.
We honor, celebrate, and retell stories of one business and seven incredible people who have shown us that it is possible to reveal, express, and support the needs of the local LGBT community. Through their examples, we are inspired, empowered, and challenged.
We can all make a difference! The honorees give evidence to that fact. I hope, by your attendance, you are moved toward a deeper call to action by stepping out and recognizing ‘we are the possible’.
Thank you,
Christopher Lauckner
Chair, Perceptions
THANK YOU for attending the 8th Annual Saginaw Valley LGBT & Allies Pride Banquet and being part of local LGBT and ally history. “Times are changin’.” Thousands of Gay American couples have been legally married since the 2015 Pride Awards Banquet. True equality will continue.
Still, Michigan LGBT individuals have been and can be legally discriminated in employment, housing and public accommodations. It will continue until Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act is rewritten to include the words “sexual orientation and gender identity and expression” to
stop discrimination . I hope tonight’s program will increase your knowledge on the issues and, in the end, inspire you to work toward equality for everybody.
Leo R. Romo
Chair, Pride Awards Banquet

About Perceptions

Perceptions is a non-profit community organization that offers educational, social and networking opportunists for Tri-Cities (Midland, Bay City Saginaw and Isabella counties) and surrounding areas. Perceptions strives to foster a positive image for the gay, bisexual and transgender community and our allies.

Perceptions 2016 Board of Trustees

Chris Lauckner – Chair
Beth Sibray – Vice-Chair
Dylan Moorehead -Secretary
Greg Gwaltney – Treasurer
Greysen Moore – Trustee
Stacie Wawsczyk -Trustee
Nate Smith – Trustee
Joan Brausch – Trustee

Board Advisors:

Joel Payne, Charin Davenport, Leo Romo, Amy McDonald, Tim Atkinson, Ellen Keeler, Dr. Libby Pionk

Perceptions Community Liaison:

Andrea Hall

Harmony Diversity Choir Director:

Grace Marra

Newsletter Editor:

Joan Brausch

Great Lakes Bay Pride Festival
Saturday, July 23, 2016
Veteran’s Memorial Park
Bay City, MI
Noon – 8 p.m.