If you didn’t get to come to our After Party Drag Show, you missed an AWESOME show! Huge THANK YOU to PowerDiva Productions, Brad Powers and all of our Queens and Kings!

Plan to attend our After Party next year as we grow bigger and more fabulous!

We had an Awesome line up of Queens and Kings!

 Nikki Nitro Chaunte’ (Host)

Nikki Nitro Chaunte’ (Miss Powerdiva  Emeritus)  has been performing for 14 years and  is the Co-Promoter of Powerdiva Productions.  She loves to engage the crowd and makes sure that everyone is having a great time. She’s been involved in many events and benefit shows and believes in giving back to the community.

Dice Santana (King)

Classy J (Local Queen)

Johnay (Classy J) Fredricks. 34 years old Drag performer from Saginaw Michigan.

Michael Cristian (King)


Mary Magdelicious (Local Queen)

Miss Mary Magdelicious has been performing for 6 years. She started out a Tri City queen then transplanted into the Grand Rapids drag scene where she gained many sisters and skills. Most of the shows she does now are for community or charity events. But she’s open to expanding her options

April Devine (Local Queen)


ZuZu Bella

ZuZu Bella is a local queen from Saginaw, MI. She’s been     performing for 6 years all around Michigan. She has   competed in The Mixx Drag Race and placed 2nd also   winning Miss Congeniality. She has also competed in Grand  Rapids Drag Race season 3 placing 5th. She loves   performing every chance that she gets and entertain the   crowd. You may find her on Facebook and Instagram

This was a non-smoking event.